Animal Friends' Pool Party WJ0190 Bath Toy

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Products Details

This product we use environmentally-friendly vinyl material, soft and safe, no pungent odor, the toy as a whole lightweight, not heavy, no pressure on the child's hand grip, more appropriate to the child's health needs for toys. We design, rounding the edges of the toy shape, to avoid sharp corners of the shape of the child to cause injury to foreign objects, whether it is bathing with or usual hand touch to play, can be used with confidence. While the animal collection is made of environmentally-friendly material, we also hope to convey the ecological and environmental protection of nature, and to call for animal protection, so that children feel the fun of bathing, immerse themselves in the summer party, rely on the cuteness of small animals, and generate a protective mentality. The original intention of designing this product is that we hope the children will generate concern and love for nature, friendly psychology to small animals, to stimulate children's interest and imagination at the same time, to produce a certain educational significance. The figure size is 9cm and weighs around 25g. The figure and swimming ring are separated.

Product Introduction

The fascinating pool, fluttering and splashing, the swimming pals lazily are lying on the swimming ring. The summer daylight sprinkled on their bodies, warming their heart. The summer pool party, is always full of anticipation. The swimming pals will meet here and feel the daylight unrestrainedly swept over their skin. They collected beautiful synonyms of the summer, and loaded in the circles of the swimming ring, draging up the summer joy. The giant panda put down the bamboo in his hand, got out of his comfort zone, and rushed to the summer pool party. The rabbit called up his good friends - the cat and the dog who were sunbathing next door in front of the floor-to-ceiling window; the monkey came a long way, he went through the dense jungle, holding the vines on the trees, shuttling between the mountains and forests just to catch the kick-off of the party. This once-a-year grand party creates a world of revelry for the animals to gather in one place, just to enjoy the pampering of nature. Are you late to the party, the protagonist of this summer party?With the concept of carrying happiness for bathing and growing up with nature, we designed this bathing toy, the whole series of five models, will be naive giant panda, human's best friends cats and puppies, mischievous and lively primates monkeys, and we are familiar with a member of the zodiac rabbit jumped to the forefront, while restoring the real characteristics of the animals, with colorful depiction of the cute animals, we will The animals are placed on top of the swimming ring in different lazy and leisurely shapes, so that children can get close to the fun of bathing and immerse themselves in a summer pool party. Want them to accompany you on your summer journey? Then please extend the protective hands, embrace the embrace of care!

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