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Products Details

Our tumbler toy has two series, one series is based on dinosaurs, the other series is based on birds, and each series has six different designs. In this series of toys, we adopt the principle of upper and lower parts. The lower part is mainly composed of pure white egg shells, while the upper part is mainly composed of different small animals, which is similar to the toys we see in the market, but there are differences. Usually, the toys we see in the market are a complete one, with a lot of coloring on the surface. However, this toy is not anything when the two parts are put together, and the colors of both eggshells and animals are relatively simple. Our toy can develop the baby's brain development, stimulate the baby's brain nerve, exercise the baby's observation ability, when the tumbler is in motion, children will pay attention to it, attention will be higher, conducive to its visual development. Secondly, when the tumbler was promoted, the child's hands-on ability was exercised. Moreover, when parents and children play with toys together, they can increase the sense of parent-child dependence. Parents can show the baby how to play with the tumbler, gently push it to let the child find fun, parents can also imitate the appearance of the tumbler to give the baby different experience. And after they play, they can remind the baby to put the toys away by themselves, to develop good habits of the baby.

Product Introduction

Tumbler should be more familiar to children or easy to see toys, they may have been pulled down again and again, but again and again swing to stand up, with children happy, they only feel fun, interesting, for the reason of not falling toys pull down, Do you know about it? There are some very simple physics behind this -- the lower the center of gravity, the more stable an object is, and the less likely it is to fall over. However, this is just a "daruma" not one of the reasons, another reason is that it is at the bottom of the arc, which makes the tumbler in fell, its center of gravity to site will always have a moment, the moment the direction is toward the center of gravity of a side, is the moment that kid can restore erect in the shaking. It is through these two simple physical properties, make this type of toys appear clever design, reasonable, greatly improve the playability and fun, lively and interesting, can attract children's love and meet the fun of children's play; And the overall structure is simple, compact, easy to achieve, novel appearance, conducive to widespread promotion.

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