Flocked Cats WJ4001/WJ4002/WJ4003

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Products Details

We created these eight cat toys based on the forms and scenes of cat interaction with people, using different forms to convey to children the real look of cats. Even if you cannot keep a cat for some reason now, you can still achieve a happy interaction with it. Children can see it as part of their lives, confide, soothe, listen, help children relieve stress, and drive the children's benign interaction with others. We hope that the cat toys, can not only convey the cuteness of the cat, or convey the friendly interaction between people and nature, people and pets, but also to form the children's ability to love, so that the children can feel pure love and care. Let the cat series become the best copany along with their childhood. The children will love them.

Product Introduction

As a family companion pet, cats are loved by countless people and have become synonymous with healing. We want to bring this warm healing power to every child's innocence. The cat series has a total of eight designs. They imitate the gesture and behavior of cats in real life. The most significant features of cats were displayed in the design. The cat figures are made of plastic PVC, wrapped by flocking texture, in order to provide the perfect touch, simulating the softness of the cat's fur. So that children feel like being in the cat park. The eight designs' forms are different. And the different colors enrich the visual experience for the children. Their bright eyes simulate the translucent eyes of real cats, creating a sense of companionship for the children. The figure size is 3.5*3*4.5cm, and weighs around 15g.The story of people and cats can be traced back to about 2500 BC in ancient Egypt. Back then, in order to control rodent infestation and protect the barn, the domestication of domestic cats was on the agenda when people revered cats as sacred animals. A research team led by the French Center for Scientific Research and a professor from the University of Paris VII conducted a comprehensive analysis of the cat's genes. By spanning thousands of years of history, providing solid scientific support for the origin of the cat. The interaction between cats and humans also led to the exclusive behavioral actions that the cat would normally make in front of people. This series is based on eight different gestures of cats, simulating eight different scenes in the interaction between cats and people. Look at the ball of wool the cat is holding in his hand, staring at you with eager eyes, wanting you to join him and start an interesting game. He sits nicely on the ground, looking at you, and sometimes walks proudly on the road, wagging his tail, showing his nobility and elegance. Cats are noble creatures who revel in their beauty and even more in their pride. If you see him leaning his body towards you, it is a sign of trust and respect for you. Maybe they sit at the door and wait for you when you are not home Or maybe it is his nature to be lazy, lying in an air-conditioned room, wanting to enjoy the beautiful world.

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