Lovely Little Plastic PVC Forest Pet Figures

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The small PVC Forest pet figures are greatly modified from the previous two series, not only in size, but also in color and shape. Small PVC forest pet doll details change larger, the color becomes a little lighter and then the image is more young, equivalent to the baby period of the forest pet doll, the whole is a big head and small body design, so that this series of forest pet doll more attract the attention of children. A total of 12 small PVC Forest pet figures are designed, each character is very unique. According to the color classification, there are two pink dolls that are suitable for girls to collect. One doll has pink body parts except eyes. The most distinctive one is that the doll has a blue earring on its big ear, which looks very cool. Another special feature of the figure is its golden hair, which is made more attractive by the moderate length of blonde hair. Pointy ears make it look more like the little prince in the forest, with extraordinary bearing and fascinating body posture. Followed by two blue small forest pet doll, these two in addition to the color difference is also relatively large. One doll has long antlers, white hair and a blue body, making it look as charming as a fairy under the moon.Another blue doll looks a little funny, its face color is like eggplant, hair is funny hedgehog head appears its head more round, like a chubby child, lovely and fun. There are three orange figures, including one that looks like a rapper with cool brown dreadlocks and eyes that take over half of his face like he's wearing a mask. The dull expression makes it full of temperament, a stranger not close to the appearance. The second orange figure also has blonde hair, but its hairstyle is more like that of a melancholy wandering singer or a prince from the West. Its face is also very distinctive, and the white space looks like a love heart.The third orange doll is a little Peter Pan, it likes adventure like to play everywhere, this doll wears a crown on his head, holding a rose in his hand, wearing a small red cape, orange hair beautiful and lovely. There are THREE white doll, the first doll is pure white, very like a lovely little sheep, its hair curly, head has two horns, ears to hang down, and the appearance of the sheep exactly the same. The second white is very fashionable, is the color design, half of the body is white and the other half of the body is purple, looks unusual, the black nose is very conspicuous in the past. The third type of white dolls are Grey around the eyes, with a Grey mark on the head from top to bottom, and a little prominent on both sides of the face, which looks very special and novel. The last two dolls are relatively independent, one of the whole body is gray, the ears are big like the elephant's ears, and even there are gaps on the ears, the bald head looks very pleasing. The last figure is a cute cat sister, it is wearing a green dress, wearing a silver crown on the head, the hair is also green, there is a small red hair clip on the head, it is a well-dressed little princess, and her mouth is a little protruding is in line with the image of a cat. The above 12 small forest pet dolls are made of environmentally friendly and safe materials. Children are free to play and role-play. Super cute little doll, children's playmate!

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