Weijun Factory ODM Plastic PVC Toys-WJ4301 3D Figurine Series

♞ Eco-friendly plastic ♞ Direct factory supplier ♞ Idea gift toy collection for kids ♞ Small size easy for carrrying ♞ EN71/CE certified   Weijun Toys has two figurine factories of our own in different parts of China - Dongguan Weijun (107,639 ft²) & Sichuan Weijun (430,556 ft²). For nearly 30 years, Weijun Toys has endeavored to offer 3D figurines of both ODM & OEM to the global toy world, that are timely and out of ordinary.   Not only does Weijun Toys provide and deliver on quality and on time, but Weijun Toys will also help you every step of the way! Coupled with a clear vision of what you need, Weijun always strives to give you an unparalleled customer experience.   Need a recommendation? Drop us a quick line, and the experienced and friendly staff of Weijun Toys will get in touch with you as soon as possible.   ✔ Free Consulting from A Toy Factory's Perspective ✔ Stock Sample is Available

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1: We built the factory in Sichuan by ourselves , so we can have a better price advantage by saving the rent cost 2:The labor cost in Sichuan is low, and because the workers are locals, our labor is also very stable, and we can deliver the goods on time. 3: coronavirus is well controlled in Sichuan, production will not stop 4: Sichuan has a China-Europe railway, which provides an additional option for shipment to Europe Weijun toy has 20 + pony series to choose from, each category has a different style. Choosing ODM products, which you can save the time of early research and development and save the time of mold opening, and the cost of mold is not borne. ODM product is mature products that can be directly sold. So, ODM products of the factory are a good choice for you.

Product Introduction

The design idea comes from the cat. Our designer are animated the cat and integrate our common garden cat, Siamese cat, English short cat, Garfield cat, Persian cat and other cat breeds into the design. There are 24 models to choose from. In this fast-paced period, everyone's life is full of pressure. Keep a soft and cute little cat, go home to see a cute little cat at home waiting for you to leave work, and can also pet the cat at will, to relieve our great pressure and release the worry to a certain extent. The process of teasing cats can also increase the interest of life. Feel like being needed! Raising a cat can increase our family clean environment maintenance!Once you have a little cat, it will make you want to be lazy! Water cup placing will be knocked off, hair hair also want to clean up a day, water bowl to be replaced every day, food to be added every day...... The above and so on will become a daily life. So we are getting used to keeping it clean and hygienic!And of all the pets, cats are undeniably the most effortless! Don't take out to slip, but also to find their own place, eating and drinking in their own giant cat house can be solved! It's really the least worrying thing for pet feeding owners!Cat Figure Book Toys Farm Toys Play Toys Candy Toy Tiny Toys Pvc Dolls Blind Box Gift Toys Mini Pony Kitty Toy 3dkeyring Figurines Play Arts Blind Bag Llama Toy sweet Candy Meal Toys Small Toy Sets Toys Dongguan Weijun Factory owns professional design team, can complete 2D, and 3D modeling. Our design team has 5 people, who can give you a quick, accurately service. And I'd like to show you the advantages of our factory: * 2 factories for production, one in Dongguan and one in Sichuan * 26 injection machines * 140 painting machines * Many auto machines for spraying+packing In addition, our Sichuan factory has three special advantages,

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