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We all know that dogs are man's best friend. Every child wishes to have such a good friend by his side from young to old. Growing up together and playing together, even many adults have this kind of desire. Their goodness is not only reflected in loyalty, but also can empathize with us and perceive our happy, sad, and excited emotions. At the moment, dogs can also help mothers take care of their children. I have to say, phew, really helped mothers a lot. It is precisely because of their company that we all have a special love for them. When you have a puppy, your heart will be occupied by them like magic, and slowly, you will no longer regard it as a pet, but as a family member and also a friend. Having one or an extra little puppy at home will bring you a lot of new situations, bad or good. You will be overwhelmed at first, but as long as you are patient and learn as you go, you will grow with them. When the dog finds out that you are good too, it will repay you with its lifelong loyalty. In the toy world, Weijun has done and completed the mission of making every child own a tiny dog to accompany him/her. We observed a lot of real dogs, because first of all, we need to reflect their real characteristics, and then through the rich imagination, create the background of the story, create the atmosphere, and cartoonize and anthropomorphize the dog. This feature, you can find in this product category. 8 characters, each with their own characteristics. There are innocent and lovely, ladylike, punk, elegant, and proud, gentleman.We use 100% safe and environmentally friendly PVC material to make it easier to be shaped. Hair bows, flowers and hats bring each cute puppy figure to life with a unique character trait. The only gentleman among them, wearing glasses and holding a paper, is a gentleman full of learning, who would not like it? Use pad printing to make their eyes more beautiful. The bottom is flat, each static puppy can be placed directly on the plane, you can collect 8 of them and place them on your showcase, it will be a beautiful scenery. Home, desk, in the car are all great places for them. They are small, with a size of 5.2*4.2*4.2cm, easy to hold in one hand. We deal with sharp edges, there is absolutely no scratches, punctures for kids, to ensure that our products are 100% safe to be bought. With bright colors, they’re eye-catching enough to attract many people and make the threshold of your wholesale/distribution business be trampled. The 8 of them often gather together, go shopping, travel, chat, discuss the bits and pieces of human beings getting along with them, and enjoy the world that has become better because of them. Really good products will sell themselves, and ours do the same. Other than being a small doggy toy, they would be a good products as candy toy, capsule toys, surprise eggs toys, blind bag or blind box toys and so forth. They are a series, so collect them all.

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