WJ0150 100% Safe Eco-friendly PVC Deer Series

♞ Rare animated plastic deer figurine toy ♞ Cartoon multicolour deer PVC figure toy ♞ Lovely cartoon deer shape bonsai decoration ♞ Made of plastic PVC, eco-friendly and harmless ♞ Good decoration to your dollhouse, garden, yard and etc.   Weijun Toys has two figurine factories of our own in different parts of China - Dongguan Weijun (107,639 ft²) & Sichuan Weijun (430,556 ft²). For nearly 30 years, Weijun Toys has endeavored to offer 3D figurines of both ODM & OEM to the global toy world, that are timely and out of ordinary.   Not only does Weijun Toys provide and deliver on quality and on time, but Weijun Toys will also help you every step of the way! Coupled with a clear vision of what you need, Weijun always strives to give you an unparalleled customer experience.   Need a recommendation? Drop us a quick line, and the experienced and friendly staff of Weijun Toys will get in touch with you as soon as possible.   ✔ Free Consulting from A Toy Factory's Perspective ✔ Stock Sample is Available

Products Details

For this series of products, Weijun uses injection molding technology, because injection molding can easily design complex plastic precision parts and components, so you can see that the hair of the deer is as vivid as human hair, especially those piercing eyes, It is to look at you again and convey to you the belief that you must be happy. Of course, there are many choices of production materials. We choose environmentally friendly and non-toxic plastic materials. Of course, whether it is the first or second generation, we can choose plastic materials or add flocking technology on this basis. It is one of Weijun's strong advantages, which not only ensures the tactile experience but also safety, and children can play with confidence. At the same time, Weijun's molds can produce products in batches, ensuring high productivity, which can shorten the waiting time of children, and we will deliver the products to you safely and in time as soon as possible. The size of the deer in this series is about H 3'' (8cm), and at the same time encourages children to use their senses to contact the world, stimulate their vision and touch, and help them to contact and recognize the novelty of the outside world, and about packaging Weijun recommends aluminum bags, which can prevent bumps and get to the hands of children unscathed, continue to pass on this dreamy and elegant happiness, and fill our lives with laughter and laughter.

Product Introduction

Every little girl will have a princess dream. Like Snow White, there will be a group of elves around her to protect her. Therefore, in order to bring a dreamy toy to the girls, Weijun's designers specially designed the deer series products, not only There is one generation product, and we also have a second generation surprise version. The first generation has 5 different designs, with different postures, with gorgeous colors and hairstyles, each of which reveals an elegant temperament, while the second generation Weijun has made new ideas on the basis of the previous, Not only one more design, but also bold color matching and posture adjustments. I believe this series will bring different experiences to children. I believe that the first time every child knows a deer is the elk of Santa Claus, because it not only brings Santa Claus, but also brings you gifts. You must have liked it very much when you were a child, so you will also want to have a deer. Lucky things accompany you to grow up slowly, and even if you know that it may no longer exist when you grow up, you are still willing to believe that it will bring you good luck and hope. Therefore, the deer series has also become a hot-selling product of Weijun.

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