WJ4201 Electronic Cat Can Blink And Meow

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Products Details

On the premise of ensuring the beauty of the product, it is also necessary to bring surprises to children, especially appropriate sounds. Hearing is an important way for children to perceive and understand the world. Sound adds rich meaning to people's lives and brings wonderful and peculiar enjoyment to people. Cat toys are products that can improve children's sensitivity to sound and strengthen children's cognitive ability. They are also the first choice for parents to buy this mini toys for their children.

Product Introduction

Children who like winking cat toys will definitely not miss this induction electronic cat. It will make a beautiful meow according to the surrounding sounds, just like a real cat is surrounded by you, it is full of surprise elements Small toys, our designers have designed 5 different designs, each of which is a cute little toy that is worthy of collection. This kitten toy has bright and dazzling colors all over its body, which is very beautiful. It has two pointy ears on its chubby head, and sits like a radar, paying attention to what's going on around it. Its round face is embedded with two large, specially-made eyes that rotate like two gems. It stared straight ahead, as if to see if the mice were doing something bad again. It also has a small round nose in different colors drawn in the center of its face. The slightly raised corners of the mouth and the slightly curved eyebrows seemed to be begging the master for fish to eat.There is also a fan Weijun's exclusive bow tie on his chest. It sat cross-legged, the tail bent slightly behind him, looking very naughty. This toy cat is like a good friend. It is placed at the head of the bed at night and accompanies me in the dark, making me fall asleep quickly. Whenever I am tired from studying, I will play with it for a while while studying. Every morning, I always wipe his nose and eyes carefully with a handkerchief, and then always listen to his voice and feel the world around him. We are launching this product, our team fully considers the safety of children, so this cat is made of environmentally friendly and recyclable non-toxic materials, and can also be flocked. The flocking process not only makes the kitten more vivid Image, and dirt-resistant, to prevent the consequences of children wanting to throw away after getting dirty, this also contributes to our environment, protects our common home earth, and teaches children that when they enjoy the beauty of this world, they also To develop good habits to protect the environment. In terms of packaging, we choose more degradable packaging materials such as paper bags. In terms of printing, we use more environmentally friendly and safer all-soybean ink printing, which is environmentally friendly not only from the production process, but also from the concept of the product itself.

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