WJ4402 Mini Plastic Magical Cat Princess in a Dream Castle

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Products Details

All of Weijun's plastic PVC toy or ABS toy products use 100% environmentally friendly materials, and the same is true for Cat Princess. The product itself uses environmentally friendly PVC raw materials, which reduces the damage to the environment. The castle in the shape of a house is also a FSC-certified paper material, and the combination of purple and pink not only reflects the nobility of the princesses, but also the innocence of the girls. We moulded the three cat princesses using injection molding and gave them beautiful hair and clothes with a delicate paint spray. Special mention should be made of their adorable mini kitty. We use our own unique flocking technology to flock the three elf cats, which just reflects the softness of cat hair directly through the process, making the elf cats more a lifelike toy. At parties, children can role-play with their friends and enjoy the joy of having magic in a magical world; at festivals or birthdays, if you don't know what to give your child, give a cat princess as toy gifts. Other than these, you can also collect them as there will be 12 different characters if kids change clothes or wigs with their imagination, so, it’s definitely worth collecting. Cat Princess satisfies every girl's magical princess fairy dream

Product Introduction

The plastic toy set mini magical cat princess, created by Weijun factory/manufacturer, is one of the newly designed quality figure toys. There are 3 characters of them, namely Susan,Lydia, and Selina . Holding the concept of producing 100% safe plastic toys with high playability, this mini PVC toy consists of three parts, head, body, and legs, which are moveable and can be assembled.The 11cm-high action figure toy has a strong grip, and children can easily hold it in their hands. Each princess figure wears a mini skirt and a silver crown. Their long hair presents their beauty and elegance, and a pair of blue big eyes shows full of yearning for the world. In addition, each princess has her own little flocking elf pet--the little kitty, some with the same personality, and some with the opposite, no matter what, this makes the princesses' lives happier since they can accompany with each other. In addition to the real-life cat elves, it is also equipped with wigs, wands, and clothing accessories. The yellow wig, red wig, and purple wig perfectly match the dress, and the size of the plastic wind is 5.6cm. We fully considered the safety of the accessories, so situations like swallow will never happen on our plastic toys. By the way, cat paw shaped wind topper stand on the top of wind, which makes it more adorable. Then the most important one is that the dress. It’s around 3.6 cm long, with wavy lace, very beautiful. Children can choose their favorite colors, match the cat princesses according to their own ideas, and create the cat princesses they want through different decorations. Therefore, this part of the idea once again enhances the playability and fun of the product, which not only makes children addicted to it, but also cultivates children's sensitivity to color and aesthetics.

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