WJ9801 Weijun Own Design One Eyed Alien - Naughty Alien

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Products Details

One of the aliens has a more dejected expression, because there are always unlucky things that happen to him, and its shape is full of dejection from beginning to end. It also tells us that things are always impermanent, and life is full of hardships. To ridicule this maddening life with a playful attitude, and to accept some cruel truths of life with some humorous self-joking. Maybe this is the designer's intention. Always come from life. The Naughty Alien doll is made of environmentally friendly non-toxic PVC material, the size is generally about 2" (5cm), it can be made into blind boxes, blind bags, key-chains,surprise egg and other packaging. Kids can not only do collection toys, but also It is used for the decoration of various scenes, such as the pendant of the school bag, or the toy display box and other scenes, which will bring kids a world of joy to a great extent.

Product Introduction

It is not difficult to see from the name that Naughty Alien is a group of cute mini figure monsters, inspired by children's curiosity about the future. Whenever night falls and ready to go to bed, I always feel that there are a group of scary little monsters looming in the dark, especially when he heard some noises from the bottom of the bed in a trance. Yes, everything has a spirit Somewhere, naughty aliens will be born in nature, but different naughty aliens will be born due to various conditions, and after they are born, they will return to the planet where they are supposed to live under the guidance of a guide. But some naughty aliens woke up early on their own and wanted to live on Earth. Over time, more and more naughty aliens remain on Earth. The leaders of their planet noticed something was amiss and began to investigate and sent troops to arrest those who lived on Earth but were not authorized. And just like that, the mischievous aliens began their escape.Unique posture, curious eyes, cute little expressions, isn't it funny? That's right, Naughty Alien is a group of little naughty who like to make various expressions, staring at you with a pair of deep eyes, and can't help sighing in the face of their unique "alien smile", this may be what I see Have the "coolest" smile. These amazing little monsters will always make you see unexpected shapes. Such a topic should naturally be matched with a good design style. The overall feeling of Naughty Alien is "cool and cool". The two big black holes have an inexplicable sense of depth, as if they are staring affectionately. You, have a hilarious sense of hilarity.

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